Beer Festival 2022

The Toft Beer and Cider Festival returns in 2022 over the weekend of  Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th September.

The last Beer & Cider Festival, our 15th, took place over the weekend of 6th - 8th September 2019.

We are very proud to have been awarded joint Real Ale Champions 2020 for the 2019 Beer Festival by Cambridge CAMRA.

The Festival started in 2005 and takes place each year on the first weekend of September.

Each year we have a selection of real ales, mostly from the local area, and a selection of draught ciders, all from the local area. Beers and ciders that prove popular at the Festival are then featured on our bar throughout the rest of the year.

As in previous years, there will be a choices of local real ales and ciders, plus a wide gin selection and our fabulous range of homemade food over the whole weekend.  Saturday night will feature local music. 

We are well underway in booking the beers and ciders for 2022 - we are aiming for 15 real ales and up to 4 ciders.  We've started posting the beers and ciders as they are confirmed.  As in the past, we will have a number of gluten free beers to try (both bottled and cask) - this is becoming easier as more breweries offer GF options.


We will be offering a Sunday Roast at lunchtime on 4th September - tickets will be available in the week before the Festival and over the weekend.

Throughout the weekend we will have a wide range of snacks available, including our very popular homemase Scotch Eggs and Pastys.  We can cater for most dietary requirements - so please ask when you come along! 

Opening details

Friday 2nd September

We are open from 4pm until 11pm.  On Friday we offer our famous pasties as well as snacks such as toasties,burgers, etc.

Saturday 3rd September

We are open from 12 noon until 11:00pm.  Food details to be posted shortly!

We have live music on Saturday from a variety of local musicians.

Sunday 4th September

We are open from 12 noon until 10:30pm.  On Sunday  lunchtime we offer our fabulous Sunday Roast from 1pm, as well as snacks such as toasties,burgers, etc throughout the day.

2022 Beer & Cider List

Bishop NickHeresy4.0%
Burwell BreweryDouble Fuggled4.0%
ElgoodsCambridge Bitter3.8%
Grain BreweryBest Bitter4.2%
LaconsNorfolk Gem3.6%
Mile Tree BreweryRolling Mile3.6%
Moongazer BreweryPintail3.9%
Moongazer BreweryShantyman4.0%
Nethergate BrewerySummer Days3.8%
Potton BreweryVillage Recycler4.3%
Rebellion BreweryRoasted Nuts4.6%
Roughacre BreweryAll Saints4.8%
Tring BreweryMoongazing4.2%
Tring BreweryWooden Wonder4.1%
Cambridge CiderAngry Wasp6.5%

Beer List from Previous Years

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Buntingford Brewery - Twitchell
Chiltern - Beechwood Bitter
Crafty Beers - Wilbraham
Mile Tree - Little Finger
Nene Valley Brewery - Australian Pale
Norfolk Brewhouse - Nibbler
Norfolk Brewhouse - Number One
Rebellion - Smuggler
Rocket Ales - Bloodhound Bitter
Tring Brewery - Bridleway
Turpin Brewery - Town and Gown
Vale Brewery - Red Kite
Wold Top Brewery - Against the Grain
Woodforde Brewery - Bure Gold
Potton Cider - Sweet Spot
Potton Cider - Pyder
Saxby's - Blackcurrent Cider
Watergull Orchards - Cider with Elderflower


Bishop Nick's Brewery - 1555
Colchester Brewery - Sweeney Todd
Digfield Brewery - Chiffchaff
Humpty Dumpty Brewery - Little Sharpie
Kelham Brewery - Riders on the Storm
Leighton Buzzard Brewery - Cuckoo
Lord Conrad's Brewery - Spiffing Wheeze
Nene Valley Brewery - Release The Chimps
Nene Valley Brewery - Simple Pleasures
Norfolk Brewhouse - Moon Gazer Pacific Pale Ale
Papworth Brewery - Mad Jack
Papworth Brewery - Whispering Grass
Tring Brewery - Heath Robinson
Vale Brewery - Wychert
Potton Cider - Happy Medium
Spinney Abbey - Monk & Disorderly
Toft Press - Cidernide 2017
Watergull Orchards - Farmhouse cider with Rhubarb


Adnams Brewery - Ghost Ship
Brandon - Grumpy Bastard
Brentwood - Gold
Dark Star - Partridge
Lacons - Falcon
Mighty Oak - Endeavour
Milton Brewery - Pegasus
Nene Valley Brewery - Jim's Little Brother
Son of Sid Brewery - Golden Shower
Tring Brewery - Drop Bar Pale Ale
Tring Brewery - Pale Four
Turpin Brewery - Dragons Den
Wibblers - Dengie IPA
Wold Top Brewery - Against the Grain
Cambridge Cider Company - Scratter's Reward
Cambridge Cider Company - Much Merriment
Hardings - 3 Peace Sweet
Simon's Cider - Simon's Cider


B & T - Barley Mow
Buntingford Brewery - Britannia
Lord Conrad's Brewery - Slap n Tickle
Mighty Oak - Redwing
Mighty Oak - IPA
Nene Valley Brewery - Nene Valley Bitter
Nene Valley Brewery - Jim's Little Brother
Nethergate - Rio Blond
Saffron Brewery - Rambler's Tipple
Son of Sid Brewery - English Ale
Tring Brewery - Moongazing
Tring Brewery - Sea Vixen
Wibblers - Apprentice
Wold Top Brewery - Against the Grain
Potton Cider - Cox
Potton Cider - Elderflower
Simon's Cider - Short Stirling
Simon's Cider - Conference Peary


Belvoir Brewery - Star Bitter
Buntingford Brewery - Sunstar
Calvors Brewery - Smooth Hoperator
Colchester Brewery - Red Diesel
Loddon - Hullabaloo
Mighty Oak - Maldon Gold
Nethergate - IPA
Nethergate - Stour Valley Gold
Oldershaw Brewery - Newton's Drop
Son of Sid Brewery - Bee Sting Bitter
Tring Brewery - Fanny Ebbs
Turpin Brewery - Meditation Ale
Westerham Brewery - British Bulldog
Wold Top Brewery - Against the Grain
Franklin's Cider - Duntons Cider
Franklin's Cider - Franklin's Fuddle
Potton Cider - Cox
Potton Cider - Pyder
Potton Cider - Elderflower


Brandon - Rusty Bucket
Brandon - Red-i
Buntingford Brewery - Britannia
Butcombe - Gold
Colchester Brewery - No: 1
Lacons - Encore
Lytham - Lytham Amber
Tring Brewery - Squadron Scramble
Tring Brewery - Kotuku
Westerham Brewery - Grass Hopper
Wold Top Brewery - Against the Grain
Woodforde Brewery - Wherry
Youngs - Bitter
Cambridge Cider Company - Angry Wasp (Bottles)
Dunton - Dunton Cider
Potton Cider - Discovery
Potton Cider - Elderflower


Brandon - Rusty Bucket
Brandon - Grumpy Bastard
Brentwood - Best
Cambridge Moonshine - Cambridge Pale Ale
Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold
Fellows Brewery - Crafty Fellow
Mighty Oak - IPA
Old Cannon Brewery - Old Cannon Best Bitter
Tring Brewery - Rocket Man
Tring Brewery - Squadron Scramble
Wibblers - Apprentice
Wold Top Brewery - Against the Grain
Wold Top Brewery - Big Sky Bitter
Apple Cottage Cider - Old Bodiam
Cromwell Cider - Oliver's Choice
Potton Cider - Sweet Spot


Blackbar Brewery - Blackbar Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine - Barton Bitter
Crouch Vale - Yakima Gold
Dark Star - Hophead
Fellows Brewery - Full English
Lord Conrad's Brewery - Lickety Split
Mighty Oak - Captain Bob
Tring Brewery - Squadron Scramble
Tring Brewery - Side Pocket
Tydd Steam Brewery - Golden Kiwi
Wold Top Brewery - Against The Grain
Wold Top Brewery - Anglers Reward
Apple Cottage Cider - FTJ
Apple Cottage Cider - Rapple
Cromwell Cider - Oliver's Choice


Brandon - Wee Drop of Mischief
Brandon - Dark Horse
Buntingford Brewery - Highwayman
Buntingford Brewery - Hurricane Force
Cambridge Moonshine - Shelford Crier
Mighty Oak - Bombshell
Pot Belly Brewery - Best Bitter
Tring Brewery - Squadron Scramble
Tring Brewery - Huck me Buck
Tydd Steam Brewery - Roadhouse Bitter
Wold Top Brewery - Against The Grain
Wold Top Brewery - Big Sky Bitter


Brandon - Norfolk Poacher
Buntingford Brewery - Twitchell
Atomic Ales - First Lightning
B & T - Two Brewers Bitter
Bartrams Brewery - Green Man
Brandon - Rusty Bucket
Buntingford Brewery - Harvest Ale
Buntingford Brewery - Bramling
Cambridge Moonshine - Red Watch
Cliff Quay - The Bitter
Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold
Mauldons Brewery - Mole Trap
Red Squirrel Brewery - RSX
St Austell - Tinners
Tring Brewery - Brock Bitter
Tydd Steam Brewery - Roadhouse Bitter
Cromwell Cider - Olivers Choice
Cromwell Cider - Pride of Cromwell
Ouse Valley Ciders - OV Cider


Atomic Ales - Reactor
Bartrams Brewery - The Bees Knees
Brandon - Norfolk Poacher
Buntingford Brewery - Britannia
Buntingford Brewery - Highwayman
Cambridge Moonshine - CB1 Best Bitter
Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold
Elgoods Brewery - Feelgood Fresh
Mauldons Brewery - Silver Adder
Oakham Brewery - Bishops Farewell
Old Cannon Brewery - OCB Best Bitter
Red Squirrel Brewery - Conservation BItter
Tring Brewery - Ridgeway Bitter
Tydd Steam Brewery - Barn Ale
Ufford Ales - White Hart
Cam Valley Orchards - Discovery
Cam Valley Orchards - Oak Fermented Blend
Pickled Pig - Summer Solistice


Atomic Ales - Reactor
Bartrams Brewery - Jester Quick One
Buntingford Brewery - Golden Plover
Elgoods Brewery - Golden Newt
Fenland Brewery - Babylon Banks
Highwood Brewery - Tom Woods Lincolnshire Longwool Bitter
Milestone Brewery - Lion's Pride
Oakham Brewery - Inferno
Potton Brewery - Village Bike
Saffron Brewery - Littlebury Lighthouse
Tring Brewery - Jack O'Legs
Tydd Steam Brewery - Summer Ale
Westons - Old Rosie
Westons - Traditional Scrumpy


B & T - Shefford Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine - Mulberry Whale Bitter
Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold
Elgoods Brewery - Cambridge Bitter
Fenland Brewery - Osier Cutter
Fullers - London Pride
Mauldons Brewery - Ploughmans Bitter
Milestone Brewery - Shine On
Oakham Brewery - Bishops Farewell
Woodforde Brewery - Nelsons Revenge
Crones Cider - Original
Crones Cider - Special Reserve
Norfolk Cider - Kingfisher Farm


Adnams Brewery - Explorer
Buntingford Brewery - Challenger
Ely Brewery - Osier Cutter
Interbrew - Bass
Nethergate - Suffolk County
Oakham Brewery - JHB
Potton Brewery - Shannon
St Austell - Tinners
Timothy Taylor - Landlord
Ufford Ales - Idle Hour
Wadworths Brewery - 6X
York Brewery - Yorkshire Terrier


Adnams Brewery - Broadside
Black Sheep Brewery - Best Bitter
Fenland Brewery - Rabbit Poacher
Fullers - London Pride
Greene King - IPA
Milton Brewery - Sparta
Nethergate - Three Point Nine
Potton Brewery - Village Bike
St Austell - Tribute
St Austell - Tinners Ale
Thwaites Brewery - Original
Woodforde Brewery - Wherry