"I love doing this gig; a friendly, discerning and enthusiastic audience. A great, intimate room with excellent tech facilities and equally good beer. You get well-looked after both on and off-stage. Why on earth am I letting the secret out?"
Nick Revell, Comedian & Writer

About The Venue

A fabulous venue, easily adapted to offer a top class, tailored performance space. The team at Toft Social Club (TSC) will work enthusiastically with performers to provide staging, lighting, sound, décor and seating, to suit each event. The ground floor area can be split into 2 spaces - club/bar area and main performance space. It is highly configurable and can seat up to 100.

Renowned throughout the local area, Toft Social Club, continually draws in ‘full house’ audiences who are keen to experience a wide range of entertainments. Run by enthusiastic, committed and skilled volunteers, TSC, sets out to provide high quality events in a unique location. With all profits being ploughed back into the venue, TSC continually aims to create the highest, professional standards – a far cry from a traditional "village hall" setting!

Recent acts that have attracted ‘full houses’ at TSC include: The Carrivick Sisters, Cardboard Fox, Megson, Smith & Brewer, Richard Digance, Ian McMillian & Tony Husband and Nick Revell

The infamous TSC bar offers drinks at incredibly low prices, due to its volunteer workforce. For example, a pint of real ale or a "gin and tonic" for £2.20, is a fantastic draw.

The venue offers the opportunity for performers to hold workshop events during the day, followed by a performance in the evening, if appropriate.

2 upstairs rooms provide excellent "Green Room" space.

TSC team members will be delighted to provide overnight accommodation and catering, upon request.

A standard contract is to offer 80% of the ticket sale income to performers, with TSC retaining 20% (these percentage figures are negotiable, but we cannot guarantee a fee ahead of the event). Realistic ticket prices would be within the range of £10.00 to £14.00 – with prices per event being negotiated with the TSC team to ensure maximum ticket sales. An audience of between 60 – 90 is typical, dependent upon the type of performance - we achieve large audiences for good, professional events.

Promotion of your event will be carried out via our websites, local publications and posters, and national online event sites such as Ents24. Ticket production and point of sale will be organised for you.

Toft is 7 miles west of Cambridge. It is 3 miles away from the M11 and has easy access to the A14/A1. There is parking for performers at the venue.

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Comedian Nick Revell in action Cardboard Fox

"Toft People's Hall was a great show with an equally great sell-out audience, of the 140 tour dates in 2017, it ranks in the top ten, well worth getting there!"
Richard Digance, Musician & Comedian



We have state-of-the-art PA equipment able to cope from individual performers to small bands; including a performer monitor system. We have a number of high experienced sound engineers who delight in ensuring the best possible sound for your performance.

In 2015 we spent a large sum in ensuring that the acoustics of our space were the best possible for a wide range of performers - it is certainly not the usual echoey village hall!


We are equipped with recently purchased LED stage lights / wall washers / controllers giving the possibility of an amazing light show and ambient light setups to accompany any performance.


As well as the above, we are equippped with AV kit for showing HD movies, either separately or as part of a performance.

The space has an excellent exhibition display system, allowing easy display of promotional material.


We offer an audio and/or video recording service for your performance.

Forthcoming events

  • 23rd October - While and Matthews
  • 20th November - Mitch Benn - 10 songs to save the World

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"Toft People's Hall is a beautiful venue; it's welcoming and lively and you get a real sense of it being the centre of the village. It's a cultural hub and a shining light and an example for other village ventures in these hard times."
Ian McMillan @IMcMillan

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