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The Carrivick Sisters

Date: 26th May

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Doors open at 19:45

The Carrivick Sisters are one of the UK's top bluegrass and folk acts. Twins Laura and Charlotte perform their original songs and instrumentals along with a few carefully chosen covers on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, and clawhammer banjo. Their busy touring schedule has built them a reputation for engaging and entertaining live performances with tight sibling vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental virtuosity. Having grown up in South Devon, an area rich in folk lore and legends, much of their original material is inspired by their local surroundings and history.

As well as the evening concert, the sisters will be running workshops in the afternoon. This will start at 14:30.

Charlotte Carrivick - Flatpicking Guitar Workshop
Charlotte is an expert in the bluegrass flat picking style of guitar. She is an accomplished lead and rhythm player as well as having a solid knowledge of theory, and is an experienced teacher. You will need a guitar (preferably steel string acoustic) and a plectrum. Open to anyone to low intermediate and up. No prior knowledge of bluegrass necessary.

Laura Carrivick - Bluegrass Fiddle Workshop
Laura will introduce you to the bluegrass fiddle style, something which she is passionate about. Laura is in demand as a session player and is also an experienced teacher. She will focus on improvisation and some of the key aspects of the bluegrass style. Open to anyone to low intermediate and up. No prior knowledge of bluegrass necessary.

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Ticket prices:
Concert: £12.00
Workshop - Bluegrass Fiddle: £10.00
Workshop - Flatpicking Guitar: £10.00

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